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So let’s get started.
You may need to reserve your room two or three months in advance. Most of our guests make reservations at least a month away. All we need now is the deposit to hold the room which is $300 (U.S. dollars). Once you get here that deposit will be moved over to be the room deposit. Most of the room deposit will be given back to you when you leave minus any expenses (processing fee, damages to the room or any other breakage etc.). If you don't stay at the Breezewaybnb and you paid $300 you will not receive it back .There is a $50 fee for processing... If you reserved your room for a month and stay for less then one month you will not receive your deposit back.
*** The best way to send the deposit is through PAY PAL. You can pay to breezewaybnb@live.com *** I can send you an e-mail with a link to my PAYPAL account and you can pay by CREDIT CARD.
You can request that Here. PayPal is a secured web site. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a receipt from me.
The other way is to pay through Western Union. Email me here, to set it up.
Email me again when you send the payment through Western Union. You don't have to send me a copy unless it is in English. Send me your First and Last name, the City and Country and the amount you're sending. You can include the pick-up fee.
If I sent you a deposit letter and you didn't send the deposit within 5 day you need to check with me to make sure the room is still available. Please send your deposit on time. Rooms are on a first come, first serve basis. (The first people who send the deposit get the room).
If you want pick-up service from Kennedy or La Guardia airport. You can include the fee which is $60.00.
We hope to hear from you soon. If you have any question please ask... Email is best.
My phone number is 657-656-9691. The best time to reach me is between 7pm - 10pm New York City time (EST)...

Reason you will not get you deposit back.

1-You do not show up on the day you said.

2-You owe money for something.

3-You did not give us two weeks’ notice before you wanted to move.

4-Rules in the house where broken for example( you have someone staying in your room that you didn’t tell us about). this is only one example.

Thank you,

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