Would you like to host a student?

Would you like to host a student?

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If you would like to become a host for foreign guests and students, please complete the application below. Once you submit your information, we will review it. We usually respond promptly and will contact you to schedule an on-site visit.
The on-site visit gives usc a chance to meet you in person and to get to know you better.
During our visit, we will also take the opportunity to discuss in greater detail our guidelines, booking procedures and payment terms.
The more information you can provide us by filling out this form, the better we will be able to evaluate you as a potential host for the Breezeway.

Personal Information

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Family Information

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Host Information

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Bed Size:
Internet connection?

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Student preferences


How many guests at one time?
Do you ONLY accept guests certain countries?
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Other Information

What kind of dwelling do you live in (Apartment, House, etc)?

What is your mother tongue?
Do you speak other languages fluently? If so which languages:
Please tell us more about your household, hobbies and lifestyle:

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